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Medidevice-Shop, inclinometer + CD Physio-Test Ortho 1.5

inclinometer + CD Physio-Test Ortho 1.5

Item No. MD-7W-036
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Set: Hydrogoniometer delivered in a protective carrying case including instruction manual-CD

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Posture Evaluation software, plurimeter, inclinometer, joint, evaluation, movement, mobility, angle, hydrogoniometer

product description

Dr. Rippstein Plurimeter is a liquid damped inclinometer. Measuring spine posture and spine motion.
Device measures angle against centroidal axis G. Main advantage against traditional Goniometers: one hand is off.

Photo 1: Measurement of cervical spine rotation on the right using an Inclinometer

Dial is adjustable in scale position 0° (0°,90°,180°). So you can take a differential measurement between 2 angles, i.e spine curvature measurement.

Photo 2: Measurement of lumbar spine flexion using 2 Inclinometers (optional differential measurement)

Many studies attest that this device shows comparable measuring results as X rays.

Well suitable for measuring large joints, i.e shoulder-, elbow-, knee- and hip joints.

Photo 3: Measurement of shoulder flexion using an Inclinometer.


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sehr nützliches Meßgerät für die Dokumentation, bei der Software Software gab es Schwierigkeiten mit den Weblinks. Sehr Brauchbare Sammlung von Tests

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